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Get strong and gain confidence

Unleash the Warrior within! Learn how to train with your body

You love to train, but you're confused because you don't have a clear training plan that works "with" your body

So you've ended up switching to the latest fad, or quit - either from injury, burnout, or frustrated by a lack of results

It’s confusing. You follow coaches and trainers who give you advice, but it never feels like you have a clear plan that works “with” your body

It always feels like you’re “fighting” everything

And that takes a toll… Over the years you can feel the stress that’s built up, and you know the training is adding to it

I love training as well. And I know how this feels. But I also DON’T believe that you should feel frustrated and overwhelmed when it comes to your training

Over the years with myself and my clients I’ve learned that the only way to see the results you want in your training is through a clear plan that works WITH your body.

And it starts with building your foundation!

Just because we're "ready" for the badass results doesn't mean we get a free pass out of learning the basics...

BUT DON'T WORRY, I'll teach you to build a training foundation in a way you didn't even know existed! (It's my own special blend to bodyweight strength training)

You will FALL IN LOVE with your training - which is how you're really going to build strength and confidence and the badass results you want

In 2019, after working with 100’s of women over the last 13 years I created Warrior School.

Trust Your Body

trust your body get results

Through my own research and working with 100's of women, I have found a way that is simple and effective. Working with me at Warrior School, you can regain trust in your body, change your body composition and get stronger.

warrior school is for you if

  • You’ve been training for years, but you’re not getting the results you know you’re capable of

  • You don’t know how to progress your training, so it gets boooorrring!

  • You still don’t quite have what it takes to get your first chin-ups or full push ups (but you can tell it’s possible!)

  • Your mobility isn’t great, so squatting doesn’t feel good - and deep down you know you want to strengthen AND tone your legs

  • You're confused about how to plan your training - “programs” seem boring and feel like a chore

Amy Kate Bowe

train with your body, train together

Join us at warrior school

A coaching program and online community for women who want to get strong and gain confidence

what you will learn


Know Your Cycle

Regulate your cycle and learn how to use it as a tool to support your training


Eating to help your cycle and training

I help you create a way of eating that supports your physiology, cycle and training


Training to get the best results

Learn the best process and methods used to progress to your goals intelligently and sustainably

what you will get from warrior school
for an investment of $380 CAD/month for a minimum time investment of 9-months

  • A 3-day individualized training program that gives you a clear training plan that works with your body. Focusing on flexibility, mobility, stability, and strength to help you build strength and gain confidence

  • Unlimited support and video feedback through your private page (so you never feel “lost in the crowd” again)

  • Monthly one-on-one call to get clear on your specific focus in the weeks ahead

  • A private online community for access to all modules and your coaches (and it's not Facebook!)

  • Monthly group coaching calls to breakthrough challenges, connect with other women, and reach your goals

  • Monthly Focus Events to learn specific topics, gain confidence and have fun

  • Access to the Warrior School curriculum featuring other industry experts to learn the essentials of nutrition, training, and your menstrual cycle

What happens after the nine months?

Stay in Warrior School and continue your journey on a rolling membership with no commitment,


Leave the program and cancel your membership

Why is there a nine-month minimum investment?

It takes time for the body to adjust to new plans and build strength, even with consistent action. Nine months is the minimum time needed to see sustained progress and noticeable results.

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Amy Kate Bowe


"I learned more about my cycle and the impact this has on my training in a short masterclass with Amy, than I have in the last 25+ years of having a period and exercising almost daily. Her knowledge in this area needs to be published and added to every adolescent females curriculum, around the world."


"When I started with Amy I could only do kipping pull-ups, and that was with shoulder pain. In December (2019) I completed five strict pull ups”


“Amy’s unique interpretation of movement and the expertise that she brings along with it has been truly transformative for me. Amy fully encompasses everything that she teaches to her clients and is an impressive support system to have in your back corner."


"Now I understand when my cycle supports me to train hard I have changed my training to support this. I don't try to keep pushing myself when my hormones are low"


“Working with Amy has catapulted me into the right direction. She continues to teach me balance and consistency making me feel that anything is attainable. I am at my strongest with I train with Amy and I feel a huge transformation both physically and mentally.”


“Working with Amy has helped me undo the learnings from a society that breeds distrust of the female body. Working with Amy has taught me that my body can be trusted, and that when I take care of it, my results are far more than when I over train”


Amy Kate Bowe

about me

I offer 12 years of experience in coaching, nutrition, hormonal health and training. In the last 12 years I have helped 100’s of women finally get the results they want in their training through understanding their cycle

I didn't always do this; prior I was a Dietitian working in the Eating Disorder Space. So yes, I know a thing or two about food!

And before this, I was lucky to have super cool supportive parents that said create your own journey and do what makes you happy. My Mama always told us “I work so you girls can do things”. Thanks Mama!

I had a chronic back pain 8-years ago, I was in pain, weak and broken. I spent 12-months cultivating a healthier stronger spine and then years after that building a strong resilient and capable body

I went from not being able to pick a 20kg bar off the floor to being able to clean and jerk 80kg. I have learnt the processes and methods needed to get strong and get results.

I am the creator of WARRIOR SCHOOL

Warrior school is the FIRST of it’s kind to bring training and the menstrual cycle together in this way.

It’s an online coaching program and community to help you get strong by connecting your training, nutrition and menstrual cycle.

Join Us at Warrior School!

Amy Kate Bowe
Amy Kate Bowe

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